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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Tron: Legacy Tron

Screenplay by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz
Story by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz and Brian Klugman & Lee Sternthal
Directed by Joseph Kosinski
Released in 2010

When Alan Bradley suddenly receives a cellular page from Kevin Flynn, missing for the past 20 years, Flynn's son, Sam, is propelled into an adventure inside the TRON System.


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Didja Notice?


The opening Disney logo on the film is a Tronified version of the more traditional Disney castle logo.
Tronified Traditional


The opening animatics of data moving through circuits in the System during Flynn's voiceover look similar to the Light Cycles game.  


The Legacy-era Tron logo used here is a modified version of the original one.
Original logo Legacy-era logo


The film opens in the year of Flynn's disappearance, 1989. In the now non-canonical storyline of Tron 2.0, Flynn's disappearance would seem to have been a bit earlier than that, plus it is said that he quit ENCOM just before.


As the camera zooms in on Flynn's house, we see his Ducati motorcycle parked in front. It appears to be white in color, possibly the basis for Flynn's uniquely designed personal Light Cycle seen later in the Tron System (and seen previously in Evolution). Ducati is a real world manufacturer of motorcycles based in Bologna, Italy.


Flynn's home also has a tall flag pole in the front yard flying the American flag.


As the camera zooms into young Sam's bedroom, we see various 1980s pop culture items such as: a Clue board game; a boom box; a Macintosh computer; a Crayola Scribbler pad; a Rubik's Cube; a book cover featuring the movie poster image from the 1979 Disney sci-fi film The Black Hole; what looks like a Black Hole children's book with the Maximilian robot on the cover; an Old B.O.B. action figure from The Black Hole; issue #26 of the Marvel comic book ROM; a hand-held electronic game, possibly meant to represent a game in the Mattel Electronics line; an Operation board game; a smiley face soup mug; and a Los Angeles Dodgers batting helmet and baseball. Likely the Black Hole pieces are included as a nod to the fact that Legacy's director Joseph Kosinski is slated to direct a remake of the film. It seems a bit odd that most of these items are identified with the early '80s even though the scene takes place at the end of the decade; probably director Joseph Kosinski wanted to show pop culture closer to the time of the original Tron (1982).


As Flynn is telling his son how he met Tron in the original ENCOM system, he hums a 5-note musical sequence. It is from the opening theme of the original Tron film. Listen: Tron notes  Tron notes hummed


The Tron action figure that Sam holds at 1:54 on the DVD, is wearing the Legacy costume even though it seems that any Tron figure of the time would be adapted from the Tron video game written by Flynn based on his adventure in the original Tron film. Since we also see a Clu figure based on the current Clu character just seconds later, these particular toys may be unique prototypes in themselves since ENCOM (and the world) does not later seem to be aware of Flynn's new System.


The Tron wall hanging seen in Sam's room at 1:58 on the DVD features artwork from the original Tron movie poster and also uses the original Tron logo.


At 2:04 on the DVD, unidentified figures of two disk fighters are seen. Later, after arriving in the Grid, Sam thinks he recognizes his first combatant at 30:35 as possibly one of these; one of the figures does have similar markings on his face.


The two lightcycle toys on Sam's shelf at 2:09 on the DVD appear to be based on Flynn's uniquely designed personal Light Cycle seen later in the Tron System, although it's a bit odd that one of the toys is black since Flynn's is white. (At 3:57, a classic-style lightcycle toy is seen on a lower shelf and at 3:59 a similar one on his computer desk.) Notice that, in the background, there is also a figure of the robot Old B.O.B. from The Black Hole.


The pillowcase on Sam's bed has a cartoon drawing of two classic-style lightcycles. Sam's bed sheets at 3:59 on the DVD are also Tron related.


The scene between Flynn and his son reveals that the name CLU stands for Codified Likeness Utility. (No mention is ever made of the original Clu, who was killed by the MCP in Tron.)


Flynn tells his son that something extraordinary has happened, a miracle. He doesn't explain what it is, but when he meets his son as an adult in the System, we learn he was speaking of the birth of the ISOs (witnessed in "Betrayal" Part 1).


On Sam's nightstand at 2:43 on the DVD, a small model of what appears to be a motorcycle is seen. Possibly it is a representation of his father's Ducati.


At 3:36 on the DVD, we see a framed photo on Sam's nightstand that is probably of him and his deceased mother, Jordan.  


As Flynn leaves Sam's room, we get a panoramic look at the boy's bookshelves. Some interesting things to note: in the left most window pane, the series of blue hardcover books looks like they may be from the Hardy Boys series by Franklin W. Dixon; in the second from the right window pane, on the middle shelf, there appears to be a Maximilian robot figure or model from The Black Hole; and in the window pane second from the left, at the bottom, there appear be white models of characters from the original Tron such as Tron, Sark, Yori, and, possibly Flynn himself (we get another look at the figures at 4:01 on the DVD).

The Tron logo of the "montage" that appears on the 1989 news broadcast of Flynn's disappearance on the central television set at 4:17 on the DVD, is the Legacy-era logo; shouldn't it be the classic logo as seen on the Tron video game invented by Flynn? (Although the TV set to our left of the central one does show the classic logo; perhaps ENCOM simply updated the logo sometime in 1989.)


The news broadcast of Flynn's disappearance reveals that his wife died in 1985.


The news broadcast also reveals that Flynn wrote a bestselling book called The Digital Frontier: Mapping the Other Universe


The newspaper headlines that flash on the TV screen during the news broadcast read: "Pet Projects Strain Encom", "Shareholder Panic: Flynn Out of Control" and "What is Flynn Doing? Insiders Reveal (unreadable) by ENCOM CEO".


During the rebroadcast of a Flynn speech about humanity's future being in the computer world, his voice gets distorted as he says "is our destiny". Why? His voice almost has an MCP tone to it! But maybe it's just meant to indicate an emotional involvement in the subject matter. However, Clu later gives an almost identical speech to his assembled army about his intention to travel to, and conquer, the Users' world and his voice takes on the same distortion at the end. Listen: Flynn: in there  Clu: out there. The similarities may be intended to show how the two characters think alike and how each is convinced they are doing the right thing for their world.


At 5:52 on the DVD, young Sam is seen riding off into the rain on a P.K. Ripper bicycle. The P.K. Ripper is an actual BMX bicycle manufactured by Scot Enterprises.


At 6:20 on the DVD, we see that adult Sam also rides a Ducati motorcycle, although it is not his father's old one (which he later tells him he is fixing up to make it ridable again).


As Sam is chased on his Ducati by a motorcycle cop through the streets of the city, the movements of the chase are somewhat foreshadowing of the lightcycle duel to come later in the film.


Notice that, at 7:08 on the DVD (and later scenes), in stereotypical fashion, the ENCOM security guard has a half-eaten donut sitting on the monitor console next to him. 


The scene where Sam breaks the code lock of the big orange door at ENCOM is similar to the one where Flynn does the same thing in Tron. He even utters the same line, "Now that is a big door!"


When the woman introduces ENCOM chairman Richard Mackey at 8:05 on the DVD, notice that all the board members clap except for Alan Bradley and Edward Dillinger, Jr.


Mackey mentions that ENCOM's latest commercially available computer operating system is ENCOM OS12. Shortly after, Alan implies that the OS was previously known as "Flynn".


The video that appears on the projection screen in the ENCOM boardroom instead of the new OS presentation, is a video of Sam's little dog, Marvin, probably a Boston Terrier.


The tabletop computer interface seen in the ENCOM boardroom appears to be an upgraded version of the one used by Dillinger, Sr. in Tron.


At 11:39 on the DVD, Alan holds up what appears to be the ENCOM version of an Apple Ipad.


As Sam's paraglider snags on the street light at 13:58 on the DVD, it sounds like he says, "Fuck!" That would be a reasonable response for most people in the real world, but not normally in your typical Disney movie! The subtitles on the DVD do not translate this particular utterance by Sam. Listen: Fuck!


The police station Sam is taken to after being apprehended for the break-in at ENCOM is the Center City Police Department Metro Division. So, this would finally seem to answer the question of what city ENCOM headquarters is located in (previously speculated to be San Francisco). We don't get a good look at vehicle license plates to help determine which state it is in. Although there are a few Center Citys in the U.S., I suspect this one is fictional, invented for the Tron universe. Street and highway names in the non-canonical  "Ghost in the Machine" Part 1 suggest the city is in the region of San Francisco.  

Despite his wealth as the major shareholder of ENCOM, as an adult, Sam seems to live in a structure built out of shipping containers. One of the huge containers says Dumont Shipping, a tip-of-the-hat to the Tower Guardian called Dumont in the original system seen in Tron.


As Sam enters his apartment at 15:15 on the DVD, his father's old Ducati can be seen at the left of screen.


Sam seems to have an interest in various "extreme" pastimes such as reckless motorcycle riding, paragliding off city buildings, and being chased by the police. Notice also that, in the background at 15:16 on the DVD, there is a blue and orange rope (a mountain-climbing rope) sitting in a cabinet.


At 15:38 on the DVD, there are several Ducati stickers (and others) on the side of Sam's refrigerator.


Sam appears to have Coors beer in his fridge. Coors is, of course, a real world brewery.


Sam and Alan's conversation reveals that Alan acted as a sort of surrogate father for Sam after Flynn's disappearance in 1989.


Alan tells Sam that, two nights before he disappeared, Flynn told him he had cracked "it", going on about genetic algorithms and quantum teleportation. Genetic algorithms are a type of heuristic search pattern which mimics natural evolution. Quantum teleportation is the process of transmitting a basic unit of quantum information from one location to another.


When Sam arrives at Flynn's Arcade, it definitely looks like the neighborhood has seen better days.

When Sam flips the circuit breakers back on at Flynn's Arcade, music begins playing from the old jukebox, a Seeburg First Edition with Quadraphonic Sound. Seeburg Corporation produced jukeboxes and other automated musical devices from the early 1900s to 1980. Quadraphonic Sound is what is now more commonly known as surround sound. The song playing on the jukebox is "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" by Journey, who also contributed the song "Only Solutions" to the soundtrack of Tron. In typical movie fashion, the song is chopped up and edited to fit the length needed for the scene. The song that follows it is "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" by the Eurythmics.


When Sam walks upstairs into his father's old apartment above the arcade, the layout and furniture (though covered in plastic) is the same as what we saw in Tron. The unlit neon Recognizer sign is even visible to Sam's right.


A sign for a video game called Proton Bombers is seen in the arcade. This does not appear to be a real world video game, it is probably intended to be another of the fictional ENCOM's games.


The Tron arcade video game cabinet Sam uncovers at Flynn's Arcade looks to be a slightly modified version of the real world Tron arcade game cabinet. The brand name on the cabinet says ENCOM instead of Midway. The video display of the lightcycle grid looks essentially identical to the real world arcade game.

At 20:39 on the DVD, another real world arcade game, Discs of Tron, can be seen next to the Tron game, on the right-hand side of the screen.

At 21:55 on the DVD, a dusty handheld video game is seen in the basement of the arcade. It appears to be the same one Flynn was seen playing in his apartment in Tron, Coleco Electronic Quarterback from 1978. (Thanks to Gadget67 for emailing me to point out the name of the handheld game in question!)  
  Flynn's handheld game   Coleco Electronic Quarterback (Photo from Wikipedia)


At 22:54 on the DVD, Sam looks at the most recent command history on the tabletop computer he finds in the arcade basement. (In the study of "Betrayal" Part 1, I speculated that this computer-desk may be the one formerly used by Dillinger in his office in Tron, although, if so, the desk top was removed and chopped down to a smaller size for Flynn's purposes.) The history listing seems to show Flynn activating the controller software for the laser and running a sanity check. In software terminology, a sanity check is a test of the software or its program code to help determine if it is safe to proceed further or if there is a problem in functioning. Notice also that Flynn appears to have accessed a text file called "last_will_and_testament" suggesting he was worried about the possibility of dying or never returning from the System after derezzing.


The digital world seen here seems to be composed largely of hexagons. Notice that the street tiles are hexagons as is the pattern on the cloth of the clothing worn by the digital inhabitants when seen in close-up. Pay attention to other instances of hexagons throughout the movie.


After Sam has been taken into custody on the Grid and he's looking down through the floor of the Recognizer, at 24:49 on the DVD, a Light Tank can be seen cruising the road below.


As the Recognizers approach Clu's citadel at 25:32 on the DVD, it appears there is a line of traffic moving through the sky to right and left of the screen.


Notice that, as Sam's sliced-off clothing is sucked down into a disposal chute in the floor at 27:33 on the DVD, the symbols next to it are a stylized spelling of CLU. This CLU "logo" appears a number of times throughout the movie.


The announcement that Sam hears regarding his identity disk at 28:10 on the DVD, is nearly identical to that given by Sark to Flynn and the other new recruits in Tron. Listen: announcement from Legacy  announcement from Tron


The ring hovering over the Game Grid lists the names of the players. Sam is listed as Unknown. The other player names are Wulf, Miner, Hudd, Urban, Backus, Cray, Aurora, Perlis, and Pike. Several of these are taken from the names of pioneering computer scientists: William Wulf, John Backus, and Seymour Cray.


As his thrown disk returns to him at 31:26 on the DVD, Sam fumbles it for a second before finally getting a firm grasp.


It should be obvious from Rinzler's first appearance that he is most likely Tron because of the T-shaped series of lights on his chest, combined with the fact that his face is left hidden.


At 34:43 on the DVD, it seems that when Rinzler chooses to run up the wall of the platform and onto the ceiling, the gravity automatically changes, suddenly throwing Sam up onto the ceiling--now the floor--of the platform. Can any combatant do that, or just Rinzler?


For the most part, Rinzler is silent or just growls. But on the rare occasion when he does speak, the voice does sound like the distorted voice of Tron (Bruce Boxleitner).


When Clu speaks while still wearing his helmet, his distorted voice sounds somewhat like that of the MCP.


I don't know if it was intentional, but it's interesting to note the opposite revelations of Tron: Legacy and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. In Empire, the villainous Darth Vader reveals to a shocked Luke Skywalker that he is Luke's father, while in Legacy, the villainous Clu reveals to a shocked Sam Flynn that he is not Sam's father.


During the Grid games, the fireworks in the sky form geometric shapes of light beyond just the burst of sparkles.


Notice that, as the camera pans up to Quorra's location at 39:22 on the DVD, Clu's name is seen in the lights of the wall. Why? Maybe it's meant to spell out that this is Clu's Arena?


Notice that as Jarvis (Clu's manservant, as it were) allows Sam to pick up the lightcycle rod from the case, he stands at arm's length from him and leans away as if either afraid or disdainful of the User.


When Sam picks up the proffered lightcycle rod, he asks, not knowing what it is, "What am I supposed to do with this?" and holds it like a sword hilt. This may be a Star Wars joke, with Sam holding the rod as if it were a lightsaber. (Thanks to PopApostle reader Bill Smith for pointing this out!)


When Quorra brings Sam to his father, Sam says, "Long time," to which Flynn responds, "You have no idea." Presumably this is a reference to the difference in the seeming passage of time between the System and Reality. If the subjective timeline of Tron 2.0 is to be believed, about 20 years pass in the real world for every 1000 years in the System, so it has been about 1000 years for Kevin Flynn.


What appears to be some kind of a board game appears at 51:56 on the DVD, in Flynn's System home. It appears to be the game called Go, which originated in ancient China over 2000 years ago and is still popular today. (Thanks to DC for writing in to PopApostle to identify the game.)


Flynn has a library of real world books in his abode, all of which seem to be classics. Flynn reads the names of some of the authors and titles: Tolstoy, Dostoevsky (Crime and Punishment can be made out on the shelf), I Ching, and Journey Without a Goal. Quorra reveals that her favorite author is Jules Verne.


During dinner at Flynn's abode, they appear to be eating string beans, salad, and even a roasted pig. Do plants and animals live in the System? Or has Flynn found a way to synthesize foodstuffs that resemble Earth food? 


Is it just me or does Flynn's abode resemble the "cosmic hotel room" Dave Bowman finds himself in after travelling through the gateway near Jupiter in the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey?
Flynn's abode Cosmic hotel room from 2001: A Space Odyssey


What is the object sitting on a table in the background while Sam, Quorra, and Flynn are dining at 53:21 on the DVD? It looks like some kind of device with a couple of antenna dishes sticking up out of it.


During the dinner conversation, it is reavealed that both Flynn and his son attended Caltech. This is the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA.


The flashback depicted in the film of the first appearance of the ISOs doesn't quite match the depiction in "Betrayal" Part 1. Likewise Clu's betrayal of Flynn and the "death" of Tron are depicted a bit differently here than in the epilogue of "Betrayal" Part 2 and in "Scars" Part 1. In "Betrayal" Part 2, the battle takes place on the shore of the Sea of Simulation and Tron appears to escape on his lightcycle after being injured but, here in the film, the battle takes place in the citadel and Tron appears to be "killed" by Clu. In "Scars" Part 1, Tron is wearing the white armor he's adorned in through most of the Tron: Uprising TV episodes and Dyson is present for the battle.


It is during the flashback sequence of Clu's betrayal that we see Tron first discovering that he can wield two identity disks at once as weapons.


Flynn says the portal to Reality that opened to admit Sam will only remain open for 1 millicycle--about 8 hours of subjective time.


Flynn says that his identity disk is the key that could allow a program to enter the real world. He uses the euphemism "the golden ticket". This is a reference to the golden tickets hidden inside the wrappers of five Wonka Bars that will win five people an opportunity to tour the Wonka chocolate factory in Roald Dahl's 1964 children's novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Flynn is depicted as having achieved a Zen-like manner and he even chides Sam for "messing with my Zen thing". Zen is a form of Chinese Buddhism that teaches wisdom is reached through experiential self-realization.


At 1:03:47 on the DVD, Quorra opens a drawer in her room revealing a copy of Voyages Extraordinaire by Jules Verne. Voyages Extraordinaire is a collection of four of his most successful books: Journey to the Center of the Earth (1864), From the Earth to the Moon (1865), Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1869), and Around the World in Eighty Days (1872).


At 1:05:35 on the DVD, Flynn's personal lightcycle (taken by Sam) is seen to have the number 786 on the side. In "The Renegade" Part 1, the model is revealed to be an ENCOM 786, considered a classic on the Grid.


At 1:06:05 on the DVD, a Light Tank rolls by in front of Sam.


The DJs who perform at Castor's End of Line Club are the real world musical duo, Daft Punk. The robotish helmets they wear in the film are essentially the same ones they wear during all their concert appearances.


The name of the End of Line Club is derived from the sign-off line used by the MCP in its transmissions in Tron


Castor/Zuse has a subtle symbol marking on his forehead. It's meaning is never explained. Also, looking closely at this eyes, it can be seen that his pupils are hexagonal!


When Sam tells Zuse that it was Quorra who sent him, Zuse tries to cover his surprise. His surprise must be because he knows she is an ISO, all of whom were believed to have been killed by Clu in the Purge. Notice that he does not later reveal her existence to Clu.


As Flynn makes his exit from the End of Line Club at 1:18:01 on the DVD, one of the programs appears to be kneeling in devotion to him as he walks by.


At 1:21:49 on the DVD, Flynn seems to pull out the damaged code from Quorra's identity disk and when he releases it into the air, it seems to flutter away with a life of its own, like an insect.


At 1:26:18 on the DVD, Jarvis appears to be attempting to flirt with the siren Gem!


Clu's carrier looks similar to Sark's from Tron.


As Sam sends the two Black Guards tumbling to their deaths off the edge of Clu's carrier, they make a deep growling sound, similar to Rinzler's. Other Black Guards seen throughout the film speak with a similar voice. Perhaps all programs who have been repurposed to serve Clu have that same type of vocal mechanism.


Jarvis seems to be an opportunist who swings to whichever side he thinks is in control at the time. When Sam enters the command room to take back his father's identity disk after having dispatched a number of guards, Jarvis just watches him meekly and says, "Long live the Users." And just before Clu kills him a few minutes later, he says, "Death to the Users."


At 1:42:36 on the DVD, we can see that the chairs in the Light Flyer have indentations in the seat back for a program's disk harness to fit comfortably into while seated.


Notice that, after Clu derezzes Jarvis, the plastic face shield Jarvis wore remains intact on the floor among the scattered debris of his digital body.


As the Black Guard's Light Jet is stalling out and plummeting at 1:46:15 on the DVD, it sounds like he says, "Damn," though it's not indicated in the subtitles. Listen: damn


Notice that at 1:46:49 (and later) on the DVD, there appears to be a scar from tracer fire in the Flyer's canopy near Flynn's head.


When Flynn and Rinzler make eye contact during the jet chase, it seems to re-trigger Tron's old programming and he betrays Clu.


For some reason, Clu seems to be a better fighter than Tron. He seems to easily defeat Tron during the battle at Clu's betrayal of Flynn and then he is also able to fight the Light Jet rod away from him near the end of the film.


At 1:51:44 on the DVD, the rod that Quorra had just used as a "light grapple" now seems to be acting as a sort of light saber as she confronts Clu!


Back at Flynn's Arcade at 1:55:24 on the DVD there appears to be one of the Mario Bros. video game consoles, if the cartoon face on the top is any indication. A few seconds later, a Spy Hunter game is seen.  


Sam appears to be wearing the same clothes he had on when he was derezzed and transported to the Tron System, despite those clothes being cut from his body and disposed of through the floor chute there. So his Earthly attire was restored to him when he was re-rezzed into Reality. Presumably, Quorra, this being her first transport between the worlds, was rezzed with her System attire. Yet, we see her outside of Flynn's Arcade with Earth clothing; Sam must have taken her on a quick shopping trip for clothes so she wouldn't stand out (other than her beauty!) during the night. This must all take place during the same night because it seems that Quorra does not experience her first sunrise until the very end of the film.


The billboard on top of Flynn's Arcade advertises both Space Paranoids and Tron arcade games. 


Unanswered Questions


Why is Edward Dillinger, Jr. introduced but then not used any further in the story? Are there plans for him in a possible sequel?


Is Tron still alive? As he plummets down into the waters of the Sea of Simulation, his red color of Rinzler blinks out to darkness. Then, a few seconds later, his white lighting of Tron flickers on as he sinks further into the depths. This is the last we see of him.


What is on the SIM card upon which Sam appears to have transferred data which he wears around his neck at the end of the movie? Is it just some of his father's data? Is it the data from his father's identity disk? Or something else?


What happened to Lora, Alan's girlfriend from Tron? She is not seen or mentioned in the film.


Notes from "Visualizing Tron" on the Blu-Ray Disc


Flynn developed the Tron System in an isolated environment on its own server, enabling the world to evolve on its own, like a cyber-Galapagos.


A pen caddy in the shape of the MCP citadel is resting on one of the stands in Flynn's laboratory in the basement of the arcade (it's not particularly visible in the film).


Notes from "Disc Roars" on the Blu-Ray Disc


Many (perhaps all) of the crowd shouts at the Grid games were recordings of the attendees of the Tron: Legacy panel at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, under direction of Joseph Kosinski.


Memorable Dialog


he fights for the Users.wav

Kevin Flynn has disappeared.wav

big door.wav

Edward Dillinger.wav

we put a 12 on the box.wav

disappeared with Kevin Flynn.wav

a little gift from ENCOM.wav

technical difficulties.wav

you don't answer your phone.wav

rockin' the pager.wav

wouldn't that be something.wav

arcade game sound.wav

another stray.wav

I'm not a program.wav

he is different.wav

attention program.wav

Combatant 3 versus Rinzler.wav


I'm not your father.wav

same thing I'm going to do to you.wav

in our midst.wav

initiate lightcycle battle.wav

this I can do.wav

illegal combatant on the Grid.wav

release Rinzler.wav

game on.wav

I dreamed of Tron.wav

long time.wav

do you know Jules Verne?.wav


Tron was created by Alan.wav

building utopia.wav

bio-digital jazz.wav

Clu happened.wav

I never saw him again.wav

the guy doesn't dig imperfection.wav

I didn't send any page.wav 

the only way to win is not to play.wav

wants and hopes.wav

one keystroke.wav

the End of Line club.wav

libations for everybody.wav

at your service.wav

you've done enough already.wav

you're messing with my Zen thing.wav

I thought of that in '85.wav

I screwed it up.wav

look what you've accomplished.wav

the awe was palpable.wav

riddles of the Grid.wav

end of line, man.wav

he's alive.wav

I'll improvise.wav

watch your step.wav

long live the users.wav

radical, man.wav

I'm all over this.wav

I don't think this is a good idea.wav

what have you become?.wav

I fight for the Users.wav

the cycles haven't been kind.wav

goodbye, kiddo.wav


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